Assessment and treatment for children and adolescents with mental health problems and emotional or behavioural difficulties.



Assessment and advice on treatment of a wide range of mental illnesses, emotional and behavioural problems including  ADHD, ASC (Autism and Aspergers), Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, OCD and more. 




Dr Becky Neale has over 15 years experience in child and adolescent psychiatry and has worked as a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist for over 10 years.  Dr Neale has strong professional links with accredited and highly competent CBT Therapists and other Therapists.





tel: 07793 134900



The goal at Private Child Psychiatry is to provide professional advice and treatment in line with national guidelines and current NHS practice in a timely manner with compassion, care and understanding.

Dr Neale is approachable and friendly with the aim of making the appointments feel safe and containing for all family members attending.


''Very professional and yet very easy to talk to''

''Really lovely.  Very caring.  Fantastic.  Wouldn't want anybody else!''

''Becky made me feel totally at ease''

''We felt listened to, supported, understood.  She had empathy and plenty of advice & support.  Doing a great job!''

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